Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ars Gratia Artis, 'cause that's the way we roll around here

Despite the fact that the children are scattered all over the country, reports do come in occasionally regarding their escapades. The editors at the Monitor, having been queried now and then about their well-being, offer to the Gentle Reader these tidbits, for their approval:

Colleen is in what can only be described by Mrs. Hall as the perfect relationship for a young lady with considerable art work that needs to be accomplished; that is to say, she is involved with a young man who currently resides a half a world away. Young Simon Thelning, who used to attend CCA along with Colleen, had to return to New South Wales, Australia last summer. They maintain communication, however, and a portrait he created of Colleen was recently spotted online. The editors of the Monitor, while recognizing that they are hardly experts in the field of art critique, do admit there is more than a passing resemblance to Mistress Colleen, and that the very accomplished Mr. Thelning seems to have captured a moment of pout perfectly.

Master Ian has been transferred to Ft. Meade, and of late has been training to be a combat correspondent. In a post to Mrs. Hall last week, he included this photo of one of his textbooks. Mrs. H. was appropriately jealous. While he has also been offered the chance to attend the broadcasting training as well, he is hesitant to accept anything that will delay his departure to parts unknown. The editors wish him well in his work, and hope he will confine his future spelling/grammar/syntax corrections of the Monitor to personal, not public, emails to them.

Master Christopher, fresh from his recent attendance at PAX Prime 2011 in Seattle, has checked in chock full of information and excitement for the world of gaming and game development. His trip was deemed a hugh success. Chris managed to take in not only the massive annual gaming convention, but the first installation of the new developers conference (PAX Dev) that preceded the convention this year. The press and media were not allowed at PAX Dev, so it was a strictly learning and networking event. Chris let on that he is currently working on some projects of his own, so the Monitor will continue to check back with him frequently. His most immediate plans, however, involve working long hours at Maxwell AFB and, on occasion, relaxing by hitting the gaming tables in Biloxi MS. Good luck, Chris!

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