Friday, December 21, 2007

Get the kids off the streets and clear the road!

Master Ian has his learner’s permit and he’s working on getting his twenty hours to qualify for the driver’s test. No street will be safe for the next six months. Ian has a fine driving record behind the wheels of the yard tractor and ATV, so general opinion around Penguin Hall is that he will present less of a threat to the wheeling public than say, that retired couple down the block that has refused to acknowledge the presence of the recent stop sign in our neighborhood. Ian studied hard for the written portion of the test and passed with a solid 100%. There is no doubt that he will be as diligent or more, about the requirements of the driving portion. Mr. Hall was overheard to say, “Keep yer eyes on the road and the tank filled up. Remember, as long as the wing’s not on fire and the cockpit’s not full of smoke, everything will be fine.” Sound advice.

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Keep up the good work.

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