Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Off to the Carrier Dome to watch Ian dribble

March Madness is very nearly upon us, so when the Explorer's Post (the mentoring arm of Lockheed Martin in Syracuse) offered a tour of the Carrier Dome to the first 26 explorers to reply, the Halls were right there in line. Mrs. H. joined Masters Chris and Ian for the tour Monday, as they wandered the great white arena.
The tour started out in the pressbox, and offered a great view of the playing field. The Carrier Dome just finished installing their new artificial turf and everything looked lush and green. A short walk from the pressbox were the luxury suites, with their private boxes and elegant bars. Then, peeling off shoes and boots, the crowd descended to the actual courts, and for fifteen minutes or so, indulging in some Walter Mitty moments, pretended to be athletic. Considering all the hours Mr. and Mrs. H. have spent yelling at the players down on the field, it was a real change of pace to be looking up at the stands instead. On to the locker rooms and finally, a visit to the supervisor in charge of maintenance and engineering, for a discourse on the hard facts and figures of running a huge sports facility.
Chris and Ian have both participated in the Explorer's Post programs for some time; through the mentoring programs provided by Lockheed Martin, they have enjoyed an early education in programming, electronics and mechanical problem solving. Usually, in the spring, the post sponsors a series of tours and this was the second in the series. Next month: Channel 10 and the Time Warner building, and coming soon in May; the tour Ian has been waiting for: 174th Fighter Wing. Stay tuned!

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