Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Spring!

And a young man's fancy turns to fancy dress and fun events, such as the Marcellus Junior Prom. Master Ian decided at the last minute to partake in the festivity, causing not a little scurrying about by Mrs. H. to procure the proper attire. Flying solo that night, Master Ian joined his band of friends at the Orchard Valli restaurant and stayed on for the after the prom party at the Skaneateles Rec Center.
Ian reports, "I managed to avert two mishaps that evening; I ate some chocolate covered strawberries from the chocolate fountain (accompanied here by the attendant lip-smacking sounds...) and I went ice-skating afterwards with my friends while still wearing my tux!" It was the consensus all around that Master Ian cut the most dashing form on the ice!
The prom and post prom lasted until nearly two-thirty the following morning. Mrs. Hall was tapped the next day to return his tuxedo; poor Master Ian was sleeping just as fast as he could, for he was due to work early that afternoon!

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