Friday, September 11, 2009

Editorial disputes

A small child was reading aloud from one of the books in the library at the Hall the other day, and happened upon the word “sans”, pronouncing it very literally as SANS. “But that’s the way it’s spelled!” burst out the infant, but Mr. Hall, ever the soul of patience, replied that while that was exactly true, it was properly pronounced SAN. “Unlike the case of myself and Mrs. Hall” he admitted, “the second ‘S’ is silent.”

As she is frequently filled to the brim with fizz and good fun, Mrs. Hall sometimes cannot wait to add little bits to the Monitor, but it has been the policy from the first, that Mr. H. should hold editorial sway over the contents. From time to time, however, there are disputes. Such was the case on a most recent occasion, when, upon returning from a convention with those livewires, the funeral directors of New York, Mrs. Hall could not refrain from commenting on their wacky activities. Of course, Mr. Hall would never permit something like that to go to press. The Monitor is happy to report that that little contretemps was happily resolved.

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