Monday, August 23, 2010

A good time at Turning Stone is never a gamble

Last Friday, Katie and Erick Hall, coming in from completely different directions, descended on Marcellus together. They were just in time for the monsoon season. Starting Saturday afternoon, the rain began slowly, but by Sunday morning, it was clear ball games and picnics were going to be out of the question. Searching for the perfect diversion, Katie piped up, "How about Turning Stone Casino?"

Taxiing out the big black car, the little band joined the rest of the soggy pilgrims packed bumper to bumper on the NY State Thruway. An hour later, they rolled into the parking garage, shed their rain gear and headed for the nearest ATM. As mentioned in an earlier post, the Turning Stone Casino had recently undergone a facelift, the upside of which appeared to be more $10 minimum bet roulette tables. Scoping out the scene only briefly, they settled at a table and Katie immediately ruled the game. Doubling her investment in the short span of a half hour, they pocketed their winnings and finished a tour of the grounds.
After a delightful repast at the Peach Blossom restaurant, they resumed playing roulette. It was evident (even to the most casual observer) that it must have been the act of moving tables and changing the color of her chips that caused Katie's fortunes to start to slip. She managed to recover, however, and both Erick and Mrs. Hall came away from the games not a little heavier in the folding bills department. As the big black car slipped back home along the highway in the driving rain, the sleepy band all agreed on one thing: Katie's idea for the evening was a winner!

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