Sunday, September 26, 2010

Update from Parris Island

The Hall has received a few missives from Recruit McMahon at Parris Island, but this was the most exciting one. In case the Gentle Reader can't make out his hand writhing, here is the text:

Just finished rifle range and qualified with…

A 222 out of 250 possible points!

Expert Badge!

I shot two possibles, which means during the 200 yard sitting and 300 yard prone rapid fire, all ten of my shots fired in 60 seconds hit black for both.

And on that note, here are my current standings:

PFT (Private First Class)

-15 pull ups (when I got here they went down to 12)

-120 Crunches

-20:18 3 mile run

-A class PFT

Rifle Range

-Squad Leader (Just today)

4 more weeks, I’ll see you soon.

RCT McMahon

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mcmarlow said...

ian is officialy a beast!!!!!

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