Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Eating Star Ladies

When Mrs. Hall listened to a message left for her on her answering machine last spring from a Ms. Fletcher, former Grand Matron of the State of New York, OES, she assumed it was another request for some artwork for her, and she hardly gave it another thought. The Gentle Reader can well surmize her befuddlement then, when she found out that she had been recommended for appointment to a state office in that order, and a somewhat high one at that. The unfortunate part of it all was that her formal official installation, attended by most of the prominent members of the state, would take place the same week as Master Ian's graduation from boot camp. Much as she would have liked to have been present for that event, especially in light of the fact that this year it was being held in her home town of Binghamton, NY, she had made a promise to her son and would not waver. The past grand matron understood and said she could be sworn in at a later date.
That later date turned out to be last week. Onondaga District's reception for its grand officers was held last Wednesday in North Syracuse, and it played to a full house. Mrs. Hall's installation was the first order of business at this open meeting and she was thrilled to be introduced by not only Mr. Hall, but also by Ian, sporting his full dress blues and looking as seriously military as the young fellow could muster.
As a grand officer, Mrs. Hall was asked to speak, and was cheered to see that when she introduced her son, the entire room rose to applaud the young graduate. The Monitor will not go into any of the boring details of her speech except to mention that it was mercifully brief and managed to elicit a few chuckles along the way. The business of the meeting having been concluded, the whole of the room exited to the dining room where they got down to the real reason of the meeting; that of free food and drink. Kudos to Mrs. Hall- the Monitor shall be following her progress and travels, throughout her 2010-2011 term.


mike said...

congrats on the appointment!!!

Penguin Hall said...

Thanks! Looks like we'll be putting lots of miles on the big black car this year!

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