Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hall's not well

The atmosphere about the Hall has been rather gloomy this week. Fluffy companion and resident rescue, Wookitter T. Pooch, affectionately known as "Wookie", passed away on Thursday. Listless and quiet, she had been spending more time than usual sleeping in Colleen's room. The Halls had noticed she was a bit off her feed earlier in the week, but things began to take a turn for the worse Wednesday evening. She was rushed in to the vet's office Thursday morning, but unfortunately, nothing could be done to save her.
Wookie came to Penguin Hall unexpectedly the summer of 2000, when Colleen and a friend of hers, Amy Foster, came running up to Mrs. Hall during a local festival, carrying what looked like a small brown ball made of fur. Weeping and crying, they had just come from a fellow in a pickup with a boxload of similar furry lumps which he intended to put down if homes could not be found for them that day. The lump's little head flopped over in a very unhealthy fashion; it was clear that the furball was really too young to be taken from its mother's side. "Well, let's see if we can nurse it back to health- then we can find it a good home," consoled Mrs. H. The good home it found, of course, turned out to be their own.
Through many a good day and even more bad ones, Wookie was faithful sidekick and silent confidant to all the kids at the Hall. Fluffy enough to be a pillow as well as a pet, she always listened patiently to whatever their fears or concerns might be, and her only advice was always the same; that of unconditional love.
Goodbye to you dear Wookie. The Hall won't be the same without you.

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