Monday, May 14, 2012

The low down from down under

Master Ian had deployed to Okinawa some time ago with the Marines, but lately had been sending reports from Darwin and the Northern Territories in Australia.  The Land Down Under had struck a chord with him and he felt immediately at home, though it was just his first time there.  A picture arrived in Mrs. Hall's inbox of a young and very sunburned fellow sporting a jaunty chapeau made of some sort of hide, and it took her a moment or two to realize it was Ian.  Despite the fact that the weather could best be described as extreme and every form of wildlife engaged in earnest pursuit of the title "Deadliest Creature on the Planet",  Ian was delighted and lapped up the culture with a ladle at every turn.
 The climate indeed favored him; his skills with the camera grew by leaps and bounds, as this amazing shot from a motocross event attests.

Early on in his career, a fellow Marine filmed him passing his days working on his models, and the Monitor has acquired a copy of that short endeavour.  Here, for the Gentle Reader's pleasure, is the resulting interview.

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