Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sweet Innocent Pussycat, or Ruthless Assassin- You decide!

A recurrent visitor to Penguin Hall has been “Killer”, a Siamese-American Shorthair mix, who is apparently the neighborhood extermination queen. (Shown, at right, is Pepper, our indoor resident, and Killer, waiting patiently on the doorstoop for some "fast food".) Lately, residents of P.H. have been making book on which form of vermin Killer will present to us; odds had been leaning towards mice and the locally indigenous small avian population. But Killer, not being content with appetizers, has been working towards honing her skills on larger fare, thus forcing us to extend the field. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get above herself and try to take on something really fierce, though local opinion seems to agree that anything smaller than a wandering herd of hyenas is pretty much taking it’s life in its hands if it steps in the yard. Killer, (or “The Verminator” as we call her) is really a very sweet visitor and a loving companion; a true delight to one and all.

The Dead Pool (for those of you keeping up:)
Mice: 6 (she managed a double-header on Halloween)
Birds: 5
Skunks: 1
Mystery Kill: 2

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