Friday, November 23, 2007

When they say "20-25 people", they really mean just two meals....

T-day at last. A day for thanksgiving, a day for taking pictures and gorging ourselves senseless. And yesterday, at Penguin Hall, that meant not just gorging yourself on one measely little turkey, but three insanely stuffed up birds. The great irony in all this is, that when you finally sit down to the roast, it becomes apparent that the turducken and its feasters are merely exchanging appearances; by the time one has finished the meal, you feel as stuffed as the turducken looked when you cut it open. For those of you who are interested, here is the play by play: After thawing for three days in the cooler, you cover the birds in foil and cook at 350 degrees for 4 hours. Then, for the last hour, you cook it uncovered. Basting produces a glorious glow to the skin and at nearly five hours and an internal temp of 170-180 degrees, you have a meal fit for a holiday table.
A very proud Mr. H presided over the cutting of the birds, and with glasses raised, a toast to the feast, the holiday and the efficacy of the internet, which made this meal possible. All cheer Cajun, for a centerpiece that was completely prepared, easy to make and a spicy, delightful dinner!

A cross section of the turducken is shown below, and the cajun pork sausage stuffing can be seen, cascading out of its cozy confines of multiple fowls. Side dishes included a mixture of green and yellow beans with sage flavored sauce, orange marmalade/thyme spiced yams, mashed potatoes (turduckens make an unbelievably flavorful gravy!), fresh rolls and the ubitquitous cranberry (or as the kids call it "can-berry") sauce. Mrs. H. opted for the Australian Yellow Tail Shiraz as the wine pairing; it held its own against the nicely spiced sausage dressing. (The younger members of the household can be observed enjoying a soda-pairing with their repast.)

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