Monday, April 7, 2008

Hall about town.....

The funeral home was buzzing with activity all this weekend, and the Halls barely had a chance to light down anywhere for more than a moment, but when they did get a breather, Mr. H. was heard to say, "The circus is in town- Let's go!"
The next thing you know, the big black car was headed to the State Fairgrounds to support the Tigris Shrine and the Shrine Circus. Mr. Hall himself is a Shriner, and although he was appearing sans fez, Mrs. H. took the opportunity to purchase her own small fez, with the proceeds going to the good of the order. The Halls arrived just in time for the opening chords of the Circus Overture, but they were immediately whisked away to the Potentate's box, where Mr. and Mrs. H. took their place next to The Illustrious Potentate himself, J. Michael Gates. Advertising had been terrific this year and the risers were filled to the brim. The show contained a full menagerie: elephants, dancing bears, a big cat show that was tremedous, but Mrs. H. complained (somewhat wistfully) that there were no snakes to handle at the intermission. Mr. Hall, ever the voice of calm reason, reassured her that once you've handled two or three, as she has already done, you've pretty much handled them all, so she really was not missing anything. That, and a hot dog from the concession stand, seemed to smooth the waters and the evening went on without a hitch from there.

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