Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Egg-stra, Egg-stra!! Read all about it!

The Official Penguin Hall Egg Cracking Contest had been put off to a later date because of a hectic work schedule. The contestants were chomping at the bit to break some shells, so late Tuesday evening, after Mr. and Mrs. H got home, they broke open the cartons and let the smashing begin!! Colleen was an early leader, but Ian was showing some good form, until Mrs. H came around the curve. Suddenly, eggs were falling left and right, and in the home stretch, it was all Mrs. Hall, bright and shiny, with a her small and plain robin's egg blue contestant, bringing home the field!

"That extra day or so really paid off", she was quoted, after the event. "I did alot of preliminary stretching this year, and it showed in the end." Rumors of a "juiced" entry were quickly squashed; it was evident from the before and after photos that no illegal "bulking up" had occurred. Kudos all around for a fair and lively match, and to the rest of the contenders: wait til next year!

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