Monday, June 9, 2008

Dress for Success

Ever since it made its debut at the bottom of the hill four years ago, Daniel’s Grill has been a source for liquid solace to varied and harried Marcellus and Skaneateles residents alike. Many a Friday evening’s found the Halls sighing contentedly, as they eased out of the big black car and into smart cocktails once again. Daniel himself would often come out, attired in his chef’s shirt and the loudest, flashiest printed chef’s pants imaginable, to say hello and catch up on the locals. So happy were the Halls that, despite the nasty construction surrounding the rebuilding of the bridge into town ,(impeding Daniel’s quest to continue to provide a cozy retreat just staggering distance away,) they donned their own goofy pants and shirts and marched in, Wednesday last, to show their support. Surprizing him after the dinner rush, Mr. and Mrs. H. and Master Chris declared it "Dress Like Daniel Day", presented Dan with a short speech, a poster of the restaurant and a personalized coffee mug, as a token of their high esteem. Daniel flushed, accepted his gifts most graciously and compted the Halls their evening’s drinks.

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