Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Daze

The sun shone down brightly Monday morning, so the Halls decided to leave the big black car in the garage and take their morning constitutional into town. Though he has always denied that he was running for political office, Mr. H. seems always to be surrounded by acquaintances and well-wishers, and today was no exception. (Mrs. Hall has remarked on several occasions that he knows more people than a head waiter...) Mistress Colleen had taken the family dog down ahead of them, and Master Chris, coming from work, met them in front of the ceremonial mighty Marcellus Memorial Rock, right in the heart of town.
Seven minutes later, after two ambulances, 15 veterans, two boys scout groups and the Marcellus High School marching band, the whole of the town's turnout returned to the Memorial Rock for speeches, a couple of hymns, Taps, a six-gun salute and the flag raising. It was a moving experience. Connections in the National Air Guard provide Marcellus with a yearly fly-by by four F-18s, which, in conjuction with the reading of the names of the honored heros, always reduces Mrs. H. to tears.
After the festivities, the little band strolled about town, shaking hands, telling jokes and checking out the new library. Colleen took an exhausted Wookie back home to rest, and Mr. and Mrs. H. stopped in to visit Mr. Hugh Norris, former Marcellus funeral director and current bon vivant, puttering about in his office lair. After a half an hour of tall tales on both gentlemen's part, the Hall's resumed their jaunt back home. All in all, a lovely and satisfying morning in the old burg; and a welcome official kick-off to summer!

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