Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hall's well that ends well...

Pointing the big black car southward, the Halls headed back again to the friendly confines of Penguin Hall. Mr. and Mrs. H. settled into their old routines again, but not before pausing to sigh contentedly and remember all the pleasant memories their little trip provided; there were so many wonderful scenes. Ever present on the road, both in America and Canada, is the playful nature of local artisans. Whether hawking nearby tourist attractions or decorating (?) over the road transport, the illustrative spirit was alive and flourishing.
Included for your approval: Michigan drollery on a now defunct drive-in; a demented axe-wielding squirrel on a 18 wheeler crossing the border; an example of yankee ingenuity with racoon skins (it took four of them to make this stylish chapeau...) ; yet another "haunted" tourist trap in Sault St. Marie; and a sculpture celebrating the lost art of turtle stacking.

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