Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oh! Canada!

Though it would have been heavenly to stay, the Halls bid a fond adieu to the Grand Hotel and pointed the big black car northward. They took a quick stop at Whitefish Point to view the shipwreck museum, but it was only for a moment. Sault St. Marie was next; that bustling gateway to the great lakes, and the Halls spent an entire afternoon just watching the freighters perform their snail’s pace pas de deux through the locks and move on. Mrs. Hall said they looked just like ships passing in the night, except that it was day. Mr. Hall just shook his head and said she was not safe to be out alone.
After spending the night in Sault St. Marie, the Halls slid into Canada and found an attraction Mr. H. had been particularly interested in visiting: the Bushplane museum. Bush planes, of every type of primarily Canadian origin, were crammed into a hanger, along with some interesting object theatres and historical maps.
While the remaining residents of Penguin Hall and upstate New York were enduring a wet and nasty summer, Mr. and Mrs. Hall seemed to have a hold on a bubble of cool dry air that was circulating to the north. It followed them across the country to North Bay, where they put down for the evening. Local inquiry produced a glowing review of a nearby watering hole known as Churchill’s; and of course, Mr. and Mrs. H. had to check it out. Eschewing dinner in the wine cellar, they opted for a short repast in the bar; and a glorious walk on the beach in the moonlight at night. Next stop: Ottawa!

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