Saturday, September 27, 2008

Color spectacular at Penguin Hall!

Fall is officially here and the views in the little valley of Marcellus could not be more beautiful. Warm sunny days and cool dry nights have brought perfect conditions for fall foliage, and scores of drivers along the famed “Gorge road” leading to this charming hamlet have been slowing down just to gasp at the painted hills surrounding them.
Master Ian and Mistress Colleen have been spotted running back and forth throughout the Hall, toting books and sweaters, so it can clearly be seen that school is in full swing now. Between classes and part-time jobs and friends in and out, Penguin Hall has become a regular Grand Central Station. The refrigerator is Information Central, with calendars sporting color-coded legends for quick reference on the inhabitant’s whereabouts and upcoming events.
And the big event on the horizon: Waverly Family Reunion! Coming up in October as always, the residents of Penguin Hall eagerly await shining up the big black car and heading for the Southern Tier. Stay tuned to the Monitor for late-breaking reports and pictures.

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