Monday, September 8, 2008

Convention at the Sagamore

As the Junior Past President of the Onondaga-Oswego Funeral Directors Association (affectionately referred to as "OOF-DA") Mr. H. looked forward to rubbing elbows with directors from all over the state at the NY State Funeral Directors Convention, held this year at the historic Sagamore Hotel in Lake George, NY. The weather was picture perfect, a glowing 72 degrees the whole time, and Mr. and Mrs. H. had a hard time picking their big black car out of the sea of big black cars in the hotel parking lot.While the Monitor will not go into the delicate details of the subjects covered at the seminars, suffice it to say, there were some very interesting moments, including the demonstration by a magician, levitating one of the OOFDA officers on the stage! Mrs. H. was persuaded confidentially by the magician, between speeches, to participate in one of the tricks, and she played her role to perfection.

After the seminars and the exhibits by the sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Hall strolled the village and enjoyed the waning days of summer by the lake. At eventide, they were invited to join the executives of one of their providers in the Trillium Dining Room; there they swapped stories and managed to exhaust not only the wine cellar but the sommelier as well.

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