Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time to go home

The Southern Tier was a kaleidoscope of color last weekend as the members of the Ford clan gathered together. Amidst the dancing leaves and Halloween decorations the family joined hands and hearts in their annual get-together in Waverly, NY; and the Halls raced down early Saturday morning to rally round. It was comfort food in every corner and diets were not discussed; this was not a time for abstinence, but determined and steady indulgence. Mr. and Mrs. Hall are no pikers themselves at the groaning board, but this was a hearty group of trenchermen, and Mr. H. had to work to distinguish himself.
Out of the almost twenty five visitors, a disproportionate number of them were celebrating an October birthday (or perhaps there were some cheaters trying to get in on the fun!) but whatever the reason, "Happy Birthday" was sung quite a few times, a huge sheet cake embellished with seasonal flowers was produced, and little candles lit and extinguished on practically an hourly basis.
Several small klotches broke out within the warm confines of Mrs. Kingston's home as the party goers reconnected and related the events of the past year. Photos were produced and old family lore retold; some that were new and lots that were old. As usual, it was the younger set that kept the action lively, and many "Kodak moments" occurred, one right after another. A constant swirl of cameras around the room guaranteed that the majority of them were captured for posterity. The Monitor has posted just a few of the charming vignettes that paraded in front of the Halls.
All in all, it was the event of the season, and as the Halls wound their way back home, their heads were as full as their tummies, with happy memories of the weekend. Kudos to the Kingstons for all their fine hospitality and thoughtfulness!

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