Sunday, October 26, 2008

Survey says: Fallout Party was epic!

Ushered into a foil-lined entrance and processed into the Fallout Shelter, the guests arriving at Penguin Hall were greeted by a masked attendant and a "scientist". They were given a bag of supplies to face the hostile brave new world, and immediately began to PART-TAY! Each participant was tagged with a white Tyvek bracelet, that, when exposed to a black light, revealed which group they belonged to: Zombies, Mutants or Survivors. Periodic bursts of "radiation" occured during the party, and guests were required to purchase "antidote" (with the play money given them in their bags) or suffer radiation damage (evidenced by wrapping a limb in a glowstick)! As there were only enough survival supplies for one "team", the three teams had to decide which would be the victor and the only way to do that, as everyone who goes to the movies knows, is to have a race! Dispatched to the garage and loaded with enough cardboard, electrical equipment, hoses, glow sticks, toy guns and paraphrenalia to build a rocketship, each group proceeded to make their own Deathmobile of Doomsday. At the appointed time, the garage door came up dramatically, and the race began! The Monitor has posted a short video, also available on YouTube, of the last minutes of the race.
After the race, the happy partygoers remained to eat, talk and relive their victory for several hours more. A complete success for Masters Chris, Ian and Mistress Colleen, and the buzz of many a social network this week! Kudos all around to the Penguin Hall crew for another successful "Hall"-oween blowout!

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