Monday, November 10, 2008

"Hall-ing" out the seasonal accessories

Even as the sun was shining brightly all morning, the weather seers were warming up their Ouija boards and handing out mittens and cough drops to their camera crews. Throwing a fresh "E-Z" log on the fire and restocking the bar with her favorite sherry, Mrs. Hall knew what was just around the corner; that it was time to forage about in the catacombs and start bringing up the winter gear.

The spiders and ghosts have all been tucked away for another year, the fog machine has gasped its last billow and the synthetic cobwebs have been replaced by their authentic lookalikes once again.
Having finally talked the youngsters into an artificial tree, Mr. and Mrs. H. were able to move into the happy realm of portable (read: folding) pines; but finding the primary scene-setters down in the basement of Penguin Hall may prove to be as difficult or perhaps even more so, than picking the perfect one from thousands of others in a snowy field. Nevertheless, by the time the post delivers the holiday turducken, rest assured Beau and Ty, the Penguin Hall mascots will be waiting cheerfully on the front porch to greet them!

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