Friday, July 17, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Unable to find a hotel in Victorville, the Halls had made reservations in Barstow and spent the night there, before heading into Nevada. Barstow is home to a couple of neat little attractions. The visitor's center had a desert tortoise as a mascot, (who came out to greet them) and the second largest meteorite ever found in the states; and the railroad museum had the largest collection of (yawn) railroad nails in the U.S. So it was the work of just an hour or two to put it behind them and move on. The road over the mountains out of California was heavy and overcast, but as soon as they cleared the pass into Nevada, the sun broke through the haze and they could see it in the distance- Las Vegas!
Ah, Las Vegas- that diamond of the desert! Give me your handicappers, your bookies, your cardsharps; all ye who yearn for a dead certain hundred to one. Everything is supersized in Vegas, from the 25 foot tall chocolate fountain in the bakery at the Venetian to the giant Trojan Rocking Horse outside the F.A.O. Schwarz toy store. Right in front of their hotel every night on the hour, the huge waterfall covered volcano erupted, spewing fire and "lava" to specially composed tribal rhythms. By resting in the afternoons and casino hopping at night, the Halls were able to beat the heat and enjoy the neon whirlwind that is the strip. Best free show in town: the dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio- coincidentally, they had the best martinis as well. From the top of the Eiffel Tower of Paris to the Pyramid of Luxor to the Roman gardens at Caesar's to the meandering pools and waterfalls of the Mirage; a trip to Vegas is a trip around the world.
The Monitor is happy to report that the Halls had a few coins left to toss about, and even with enjoying just a little gambling, they managed to find their way back to the airport a couple of hundred dollars (and a few pounds!) heavier. Weary and full, they dropped off their rented ride and awaited the red eye flight back to Syracuse, Penguin Hall and boring old everyday life.

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Becauseican79 said...

I am beyond jealous of your recent trip. Growing up in southern California, I have traveled the 15 to Vegas many times. I am sorry you had to be exposed to Barstow. Native Californians refer to Barstow as the armpit of the state.

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