Thursday, July 2, 2009

On the road again

Road maps and AAA travel advisers have occupied every corner of Penguin Hall for the last few weeks or so. Lots of ready made suppers have been purchased and packed as tightly as possible in the freezer. Sunglasses, sunblock and sneakers, all lined up next to the luggage, tell a story even the animal inhabitants of the hall recognize: it's Road Trip Time again!
Tuesday morning at oh dark thirty, Mistress Colleen and Master Ian dropped the Halls off at Hancock International Airport for the start of their long awaited vacation adventure. The children hugged them tight, promised to watch over the pets and plants, and waved goodbye. The flight out of Syracuse went off without a hitch, and changing at O'Hare Airport with just enough time to grab a sandwich (though not enough time to eat it!) they managed to make their connecting flight out to Denver, CO. Master Erick and his roommate Drew, graciously agreed to put them up and were eager to show them the town.

Mr. Hall is no stranger to the Denver area, but this was all new vistas for Mrs. H. The sun was spectacular on the mountains as they drove into town and dropped their duds. Erick had planned a full itinerary for them; and first on the list was Red Rocks Amphitheatre! Carved out of giant red boulders thrusting to the sky, this natural outcropping forms a perfect band shell and stadium for outdoor concerts and plays. The day was still young and after a quick lunch at Mexican grill for some salsa and margaritas, it was off to Golden, CO and a tour of the world famous Coors Brewery. The brewery, like the town, has a wonderfully open feel to it, and provided its visitors with lots of well marked walkways and audio players so they may take their time and enjoy a self guided tour. But even without the benefit of pre-recorded instruction, most visitors manage to find their way to the beer tasting stations all by themselves. All tour goers receive an ID bracelet that allows them three free glasses of fresh locally brewed golden goodness, and the Halls and their little band were happy to indulge. (While Mrs. H. did indeed try some and admit it was wonderful, she has never been a beer totaler- so her allowance of drinks went to the good of the group!) After satisfying themselves that things were running smoothly at Golden's major export, the happy band slid home to rest up for the next day's adventure. Stay tuned- next episode: Higher and Higher!

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