Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just don't shoot yer eye out....

Sometimes, as the year winds down and the twilight settles over the Hall, Mrs. Hall will sit by the fire and have a glass of port and reminisce. Occasionally, the children will contrive to keep the glass full long enough that she will entertain them with a story or two. On one such evening, the children, sitting cozily around the fire and having refilled the cup more than once, ventured to ask, “Did you get what you wanted for Christmas this year?” This was her candid reply:

"Well, of course, nothing makes me happier than seeing you children for the holidays, but if I had my druthers, these would have been the Christmas presents I wanted (but didn’t get) this year:

"The Batphone- because who hasn’t had days where you just wanted to pick up the phone and talk to Adam West?"

WGN Warmwear- Global warming you can really believe in! (Sorry, but I’m a hopeless sap when it comes to Tom Skilling. Somebody just buy me the flippin’ blanket already)"

"Modern Dining Room furniture: Eero Saarinen- anything by this guy will do, but I really like these chairs."

"Water Orb -I can’t see where I have to explain why I want this- as anyone can see it is the very definition of FUN!"

"Hubley Atomic Disintegrator
"Because I never got over my folks getting rid of my twin pearl handled six shooters."

"I want my old Commodore 64 and it’s bootlegged games, but I want my Twitter, too. I still have it boxed up in my loft; it’s a pain to think how much time it would take me to bring it up to speed. Still, it’s nice to know, when I’m ready- it can be done (Breadbox 64 makes this possible)"

"Thats looking backwards in technology; here is looking to the future for some toys:
Pip-Berry 3000
"It seems to me that having your Pipboy on your Blackberry would be somewhat easier than having it on your wrist. Maybe it’s an accessory thing, but I just think it would blend in more easily with my evening wear."

"Strangeco Mars 1 Invisible Plan Vinyl Toys
"I should have gotten these when I had the chance- now I can’t find them anywhere"

"I used to work at Water Tower Place, right next to the John Hancock Building. I miss being back in the city, but with these, I can build my own little city for myself:"

"And finally, the gift I have been talking about for several years now, yet inexplicably no one has put it under the tree for me…. (this should properly be said all in one breath without pausing, a la Ralphy in “A Christmas Story”):

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