Monday, December 28, 2009

Party like it's 2009 part two

Mr. Hall surveyed the bedspread. Lain out upon it were two riding style jackets. “The plain red one. Wear that one tonight.” Having voiced his opinion on evening wear, Mr. Hall went off to pass judgment on his shoes. Mrs. Hall dutifully put away the lavish red plaid jacket and finished dressing. One of her favorite get-togethers, the Onondaga Oswego Funeral Directors Association (OOFDA) Christmas party was Saturday night and she wanted to strike the right note. Sponsored this year by Sunnycrest Vault Company, the invitation usually brought out all the slackers who had missed the year’s previous events. And Coleman’s restaurant did a nice job of it, too, featuring hors d’oeuvre, slicing stations and dainty desserts, all intended to encourage lively mingling. The restaurant was aglow with twinkling decorations, and even the window on the leprechaun’s door was shined up. Shown at left: Sam schmoozing with Bob Atkinson from Sunnycrest, and in the booth with that famous gadabout and Marcellus bon vivant, Hugh Norris.

The only hands with whom Mr. Hall will entrust the big black car work at John’s Auto Care in Solvay. He has taxied her into their garage bays several times over the past few years, and she has always emerged purring like a kitten. So it was with hearty cheer that they greeted the invitation to John’s customer appreciation Christmas party this year. It used to be held inside the two auto bays on the right, with the buffalo wings set next to the wing nuts and the Southern Comfort near the Castrol. But, as festive a scene as that was, they felt the party could be better served at Smorol’s tavern, so that’s where the Halls ended up last Wednesday after work. The atmosphere was casual and friendly, made more so by the wonderful homemade cookies and happy youngsters running about. A terrific end to a short work week!

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