Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

The Halls had been working long hours last week and for the most part, it was at least small relief from the heavy heat and humidity that had predominated over the area. When they arrived back home at the Hall, however, they were puzzled to find several stuffed grocery bags all lined up next to the garbage pail.
“What is this?” remarked Mrs. H. Cursory inspection revealed the bags were full of stiff, matted hair. “This can’t be good…” warned Mr. Hall.
Just then, Colleen bounded down the stairs. Usually, right behind her is her constant shadow, Wookie, but today, such was not the case. Suddenly, a slight motion caught Mrs. Ha ll’s eye by the back door and she turned to look. The words “Who’s dog is that?” were just forming in her mouth, when she realized with horror whose dog it was.
“What have you done to Wookie?!?” she gasped.
Wookie, who appeared to be trying to avoid eye contact, was shrinking into the corner by the back door, hoping to escape outdoors before being noticed. Except for her head, she was a completely different color than she was when the Halls left for work that morning, and probably eight or ten pounds lighter. In some spots, the tipped remains of her beautiful coat were still visible; in others, patches of skin could be seen showing through.
Mrs. Hall was stupefied. “A blind woodsman with an ax could have done better. She looks like a sheep with a bad case of the mange.” Colleen pouted,” I was only trying to help. She looked like she was overheating.”
“Relax,” soothed Mr. Hall, “she’ll be fine and eventually, it will all grow back. I expect we should be grateful she didn’t try to give her pierced ears.” A moment of fear shot through Mrs. Hall when it appeared Colleen might be actually considering the suggestion.

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Anonymous said...

Looks familure;
I remember a boy doing that to his own head a few days before Graduation!

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