Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's hard to put some spring in your steps when we keep on slipping in the snow.

The weather was particularly whimsical this spring. Despite a few late April snows, May had opened nicely with some pleasant warm days, but just when the general populace thought it was safe to put the sweaters back in moth balls and bring out the window screens, those wacky weather gods pulled a fast one. A series of heavy thunderstorms rocked the first week, and while it's always a delight to see double rainbows in May, the residents of Penguin Hall will tell you that the following Mother's Day snowstorms were anything but fun.
"There's only one thing to do," piped up Mistress Colleen. "Time to head to that new all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurant and sports bar!" "Now that is a Mom Day gift I can get behind!" laughed Mrs. Hall. Mr. Hall opted out of the fun- while he admitted there is little that can compete with an afternoon of slurping down raw shellfish and marinated octopus, eel and squid, he thought he might be more of a help to the operation by maintaining his position in front of the TV, cheering on his beloved beleaguered Detroit Tigers.
Saying a short prayer, Mrs. H. let Colleen drive and they were across town in less time than it takes for Mrs. Hall's life to flash before her eyes. Walking in the tiny restaurant, they gazed over four long islands of sloppy Asian goodness. "We have to have a plan...", started Mrs. Hall slowly, in a dreamlike state. "Stay away from the starches, hit the fish plates first, don't fill up on soup or tea..." but Colleen was filling a second plate already. Two hours later, they rolled out the door and attempted to stuff their overstuffed selves into Colleen's Honda Civic. "That was amazing!" said Colleen. "Give me two or three weeks to digest all that," replied Mrs. Hall, "and we'll go back again."

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