Sunday, October 21, 2007

Deadly Dinner Party Really Slays 'Em

Missing this invitation could really be murder.
Twelve unsuspecting citizens of Marcellus received invitations to cocktails and laughter; but what came after chilled more than just their drinks. About 30 minutes into the evening, the air and the merriment was split by the sound of a piercing scream. The charming hostess Miss Colleen was discovered lying on the floor of the upper dining room. Who dun it, indeed?

As each guest arrived, they were handed an envelope that described, in detail, their relationship with the hostess and a variety of reasons why they might want her, shall we say, out of the picture. By engaging in conversation with each other and discovering who was where and when, each guest attempted to solve the puzzle before “the authorities” had to be brought in.
More calculating than the murderer himself, was Master Christopher, who wrote the scenarios and the character stories, then sat back and let the evening unfold. His role was to be the omnipresent and ever faithful servant of the manor.
There was considerable concern that the dinner guests would show up, munch up all the goodies, solve the puzzle in 10 minutes and leave for more exciting pursuits, like hanging out at the local mall or watching TV. Instead, what was feared would only last 30-45 minutes, went well over an hour and a half. Period music played on into the night as the “character guests” enthusiastically attempted to solve the murder. They re-enacted their every moves of the evening, thoughtfully stepping over the now-covered “victim” on the floor of the dining room.
Finally, with the appearance of an “officer of the law”, a poll was taken of the guests to see who should be “handed over to the authorities.” Only two of the guests guessed correctly, and at the end, the “murderer” revealed his actions and his motives.
The party went on gaily after that and Chris is now working on a second “evening” of merriment and malice.

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