Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tale of Two Cars- Late “Breaking” News

Even as this blog goes to press, there is fresh news regarding the Rockford High School roadster. The first photo (shown in the previous blog) of Jerry’s car was taken at the June 19th reunion outside of Grand Rapids. The second one (shown here) came to us July 21st, with word that “it looks like the Berlin raceway affair on August 25th is off”. Jerry had been placing fairly high in his last races and it’s a cinch he was pushing that little Toyota pretty hard. Happily, however, word has just reached Penguin Hall via e-mail that Jerry Vogel is back on to race at the Berlin Raceway. His newest acquisition sports its “traditional” silver and red colors, along with the red polka dots that were the hallmark, so to speak, of his father’s race car. Here are Jerry’s own words: “I bought another car and I’m ready to race. I got 2nd in the heat race from 9th and 2nd in the feature from 5th first night out. Harley Farkle's back!”

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