Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Hall Over the Road", Part 2

The trip back home took a short detour, when Mrs. H. realized how close they were to her brother’s new home in Brighton, MI. A few sharp turns on the freeway and the next thing you know, they were splashing back a few with Mr. and Mrs. Pranitis, noted raconteur and famous authoress. Mrs. H. can always be counted on to make a beeline for a good swig of scotch and Mr. P. stocks some of the best.
The Halls were barely home from that trip when they darted out to Nia-gara Falls, not once, but twice more this summer! The Arntz’ were so swayed by the descriptions of New York in the fall that they came out to check it out for themselves. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Acton took a long awaited second honeymoon trip there in June and the Halls went back to raise to a toast to them as well.
Of course, no summer season would be complete without the family reunion in Waverly. What a turn-out this year! Forty-one of the planet’s most handsome relatives gathered for this afternoon of good food and great memories. The larger afternoon affair spawned many smaller gatherings over the weekend at the hotel, and not even a couple of false fire alarms could quell the laughter and gaiety.
As part of the family clan migrated east across the Southern Tier of New York, Mrs. Hall and Colleen met up with them later in the week. Raucous lunches are de rigueur for the Pranitis folk, and this one certainly lived up to the bill. Gracing the lunchroom of the Binghamton Regency, trading bon mot and trenchant insights: (shown left , clockwise from top); Peggy, Pat, Colleen and Beverly.

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