Monday, January 21, 2008

Colleen trods the boards

Mistress Colleen has had a fun winter so far. Last month, she practically stole the show when Marcellus High School staged "Romancing Roxanne", the Steve Martin stage adaptation based on the story of Cyrano De Bergerac. Her good friend Sarah Constable had the title role and was enchanting as the desirable Roxanne, but it was Colleen, whose surprize comic performance in a minor role that rocked the house. Artfully utilizing the oversize fireman equipment and uniform against her diminutive stature to great effect, Colleen took a small part and made it her own. Additionally, on top of her school work and part time job, Colleen put in considerable effort on her artwork. Scholastic Art awards were announced last week and Colleen's charcoal drawing won an honorable mention. Her work is currently being displayed at Onondage Community College for another month, with the rest of the scholastic winners. Cheers and a tip of the hat to Colleen! Keep up the good work!

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