Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hall over town

Just another weekend around Salt City for the Halls. Friday night called for something a little different, so the Halls swung 'round the Valley Inn in Marcellus, run by their good friends the Nuttings. The Valley Inn recently enjoyed a facelift; Andrew Nutting, apparently of the opinion that his fine establishment was being overlooked, painted the outside of the restaurant the most incredible shade of candy apple red imaginable. Traffic has indeed picked up, and the Halls joined fellow diners there for Andrew's famous fried shrimp. (Not exactly on Mr. H's diet; but moderation in all things....) The Valley Inn is presently displaying Mrs. Hall's posters of beautiful Marcellus for sale. Saturday evening, the Halls made an appearance at the Sacred Heart School's Heart's Reunion dinner in the city. Many of Mr. Hall's business acquaintances are alumni in this group, so they were eager to sponsor this happy event. Site of this bustling affair: the warm and beckoning bar at the Polish Home on Park Ave. Now there are a lot of places in Syracuse to get decent pierogies, kraut, kelbasi and galumpkis, (Eva's European Diner springs to mind) but by far, the best are at the Polish Home. A short walk down the stairs, slide your membership card through the reader to unlock the door, and you are transported to another era. Restoration on the 60 year old bowling lanes is still in progress, but the atmosphere of good will is non-stop. It's always a pleasure to join this crowd, even if your Polish is a little rusty.
Sunday morning the Halls entertained Miss Katie (and a young admirer) at Doc's Little Gem for breakfast after church. The fare was as topnotch as always, but this time, Doc himself came over and joined the merry band. Discussions with Doc have covered the gamut of current events in the past (Doc is well read and keeps up with local politics) but Sunday's panel discussion was regarding another dining establishment in the area. During Doc's recent repairs, he had been recommending MaMa Nancy's down the street to his regulars, which kindness had been repaid by MaMa Nancy posting a billboard directly in view of his customers, particularly pointing out her being open when he was not. (MaMa Nancy's caters to a slightly different crowd than Doc's; evidence of which is notable by the pay TVs in every booth. For a pocket full of quarters, one can enjoy 15 minutes of black and white entertainment with their red flannel hash.) Various gentlemanly-like tactics were considered in the booth (such as advising his customers to pay no attention to the recent board of health inquiries at MaMa Nancy's; he was sure they were just ugly rumors...) but any action was tabled for another date. Doc, ever the gracious host, kissed Mrs. H's hand and wished them all a fine day. Katie and Jason raced off to find tickets to the Syracuse Orange basketball game and Mr. and Mrs. H took advantage of the sunshine to spruce up the Cadillac. Next week: Digger's Superbowl Party! Stay tuned!

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