Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy happy Easter!

The sun was shining brightly but it was a fooler; the Easter bunny was wearing his long underwear under all that fur. Whatever the chill, however, it couldn't stop the residents of Penguin Hall from happily munching down chocolate eggs and spreading cellophane grass all over the floor. No one is too old for peanut butter candies and black jelly beans around the Hall!

The gentlemen opted for formal coats this chilly spring. While the baskets sported the usual nutty treats and marshmallow peeps, Mistress Colleen's basket held a humongeous yellow stuffed chicky head, that inexplicably captured Colleen's fancy. It made for some very intriguing photo-ops! After some untimely work calls for Mr. and Mrs. H, the family settled in for some great old movie classics and lots of Easter dinner: roast chickens, asparagus and a light spring macaroni salad. Shown in picture: Killer taking a brief nap in the afternoon sunshine- she looks like she may have had too many peeps!

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