Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Colleen admits to "Feats of Clay"

It's that time of the year again at Marcellus High School, and the artists are busily stretching their creative muscles as they line up for the Clay Olympics. Every year each qualifying student receives fifteen pounds of clay and a seat at a pottery wheel; then mayhem ensues as they compete to throw as many mugs as possible (4" X 3") in the span of ten minutes. Clay flies everywhere; the top score standing right now is 40 mugs (they don't have to be fired to count). There is also a "no hands" contest, where the contestants are charged with building a pot without using their hands (elbows figure heavily in this event...) and the coil pot contest too. Stay tuned to the Penguin Hall Monitor for the results of this exciting competition; we will have all the late-breaking scores!

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