Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feats of Clay Update!

The Marcellus "Mudstangs", as they called themselves, came out charging last Friday, at the OCC Feats of Clay competition! Twelve schools came messily together to compete in several fields of talent, and the clay was flying fast and furious on the terrace outside the gallery pavillion. Thursday evening, the college hosted a showing of local talent at Ferguson Galleries and Mistress Colleen was among the highlighted artists that day. She is shown at left with her work entitled "Edgy Box". She had been recommended by her art teacher to submit this piece because of it's large size and fragility. Mr. and Mrs. H. attended the opening and placed some bids in the silent auction for the work of some of the more established contributors, as well. The next day, the weather was spectacular; crisp, clear and perfect for the strenuous athletics involved in ceramic competition. The whole crew really put their hearts (and hands and various other body parts!) into the contest. In fact, one of the favorite contests is the "No Hands" competition (picture below) where contestants are free to show some vigorous body english in the bowl making! One of the last contests of the day is a take-off of the clean-up procedures from the past; the teams take turns throwing balls of clay into large plastic drums from various distances- the further the distance, the greater the point value. It was clearly one of the hotter competitions, and for a while, Marcellus had the lead in points, but Jamesville-Dewitt came up and squashed all comers by nailing three long distance throws right off the bat. Marcellus came in fifth that day; not as high up as they would have liked, but a step up in the standings for them, according to Tim Smarzo, the art teacher in charge of the "Mudstangs". Shown below are just a few of the scenes from the day. (The Halls were victorious in the auction also, and came home with a beautiful bowl for the dining room, sporting some lovely blue and green glazes.) All in all, a great day for all the artists at Penguin Hall!

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