Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brave New World: Congratulations to Colleen!

Sunday, June 29th, Mistress Colleen passed another milestone in the pathway of life and joined the ranks of high school graduates everywhere. Mr. and Mrs. Hall proudly watched as Colleen strode confidently across the stage and received her diploma from Marcellus Central High School. Also in attendance (and cheering wildly) were: her grandmother Mrs. Leo Pranitis, in from Chicago to witness the event, and her aunt, noted authoress, Gail Perry.
The school auditorium was standing room only for the pomp and circumstantial evidence of four years well spent, and after what seemed like hours of honorary speakers, the students were finally given what they were longing for: their walking papers.

The whole weekend had been one of joy and entertainment. Mrs. Pranitis and Ms. Perry had come in Friday night, and no sooner had they touched down, then the Halls had whisked them off to Daniel's for a refresher and some munchies. Then Saturday morning, joined by Mrs. Pranitis' sister Mrs. Kingston and her daughter Theresa, up from Waverly, they strolled over to Mirbeau for a leisurely gourmet all-girl lunch. Mirbeau is well known for its four star accomodations and menu, and the ladies took advantage of not only the fine cuisine but it's excellent wine list as well. The weather was particularly cooperative that weekend, and the clan was able to get in some swell shopping and swapping of stories before they headed back to Penguin Hall to pick up Mr. Hall for dinner. As the sun set slowly over the hills of Skaneateles the Halls and the Pranitis' lifted a toast to Colleen before dining at the club. The evening was topped off with a tag team version of cutthroat Scrabble; as usual Ms. Perry took the prize!
Sprinkles and a suggestion of thunder and/or lightning were predicted for Sunday, but the weather events held off until all were back under the cozy cover of Penguin Hall; for the graduation and the hour after on the campus shooting pictures, the sun shone brilliantly down on all the happy families. Colleen had invited a few of her friends to stop by, and from 7:00 pm until 11, they could be found milling about, either dining on the barbeque or ice cream pie, or joining into the craziest game of Twister ever seen in the state of New York!
Kudos all around to Mistress Colleen for a job well done! The Monitor shall be watching your progress with great anticipation!

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