Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weird Michigan Hall around!

There is much beauty in the North Woods and it is a constant source of wonderment to Mr. and Mrs. H. that each turn around the bend in the road produces yet another incredibly lovely vista; but the really fun reason to hit the road is to see all the strangeness that rural America can conjure up. The Mystery Spot is promoted so skillfully throughout the state, it should be required viewing for any MBA or advertising student. By the time the casual traveler gets to St. Ignace, he is so overwhelmed with a desire to see this local phenomenon, that he can scarcely drive while he struggles to get out his ticket money. Mr. H. patiently explained that he had been there once already forty years ago, and he doubted that it had gotten any more exciting or mysterious since then. Mrs. H. was working herself up to a disappointed pout til Mr. Hall relented and allowed her to visit the Weird Michigan Wax Museum instead. No spoilers will be revealed here, but suffice it to say, the happy traveler would do well to keep the expectations on the low side.
All expectations were met and exceeded concerning the foodstuffs, however. If the happy traveler strays just a bit from relative safety of the common franchise eateries, he is rewarded with some toothsome local specialties. Simply by asking the youthful waitstaffs serving across the state, the Halls were able to glean considerable knowledge regarding the whereabouts of said specialties. Of course, no trip north is complete without a visit to The Cherry Hut (Beulah, MI) for fresh, tart cherry pie or The Smoke House (Frankfort) for homemade beef jerky. The young hostess at the hotel provided the tip that sent them to Clyde's drive in, and their terrific chocolate malteds. That means the biggest mystery in Michigan is going to be how Mr. Hall is going to get into his tuxedo tomorrow night. Next post: Mackinac Island and The Grand Hotel- Stay tuned!

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