Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Hall about Michigan Art

Despite rising gas prices and fears of a spiraling economy, the roads were full of happy vacationers everywhere the Halls landed. Power boats full of fishing equipment and pickups with their hunting dogs dotted the highways, as far as the eye could see. Leaving the glorious skyline of Grand Rapids behind, the Halls moved on to Sand Lake, to Paradise Cove and their good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arntz. Friends since Methusela wore short pants, Mr. H. and Mr. A swapped stories over pizza and bonfires long into the night. The weather was moody but cooperative, and the happy crew was able to enjoy some pleasant moments on the lake and lovely starlight by the lagoon.
The next day, they pointed the big black car north and decided to trod some trails familiar to Mrs. H. for awhile. Grand Rapids is known for encouraging new artists; the last time the Halls were there, the city was host to a series of charming little whimsical sculptures, popping up at every turn. Manistee, MI, home to lumber baron mansions and opera houses is just as proud of its cultural heritage as well, and Sunday along the riverwalk, the Halls enjoyed a small but engaging art show. Juried art shows and city-sponsored exhibits are alright, Mrs. Hall explained, but the truly fun and creative spirit of Michiganers was more evident along the road itself. Mrs. Hall snapped shots of homemade robots, sandcastle like rock mansions and happy, frolicking fruit portraits; all examples of the artistic imperitive that drives this Midwestern state.

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