Thursday, February 26, 2009

Congratulations Airman Chris!

The risers were packed. Every available patch of grass around the presentation grounds was taken. Flags snapped in the warm breeze and little children twitched as the families waited almost patiently for their sons and daughters in blue to arrive.
And then, finally-the sergeant barked, the band played and over 600 freshly pressed, shined and primed brand spanking new airmen of the US Air Force marched in procession onto the field. Mr. Hall stood to see and Mrs. H. wiped a tear; Colleen and Ian cheered like mad.
The Halls had arrived much earlier that morning for the Airman's Run, so they could shout their support as the men and women ran by in formation. It had been overcast and breezy then; but by 1:30 pm the sky had cleared up, and the 80 degree weather was baking the crowd and graduates alike. As soon as the airmen received their ceremonial coins, they were dispersed and the families mobbed the field. There was mass hugging and weeping for the better part of the next hour.
Mr. and Mrs. Hall took Chris out to lunch at Smokin' Joe's BBQ (right on base) but it was a wonder any food managed to get into any of them; the talking, laughing and sharing stories went on at a breakneck pace for the whole afternoon.
Tomorrow: Graduation Parade at 9:00 am, then Squadron Open House. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

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