Thursday, February 12, 2009

February fun

Coming out of the underpass Wednesday afternoon on their way back to the funeral home, Mrs. H. remarked how heavy the fog was on that side. You’re always told it’s different on the other side of the tracks, she said, but she had never looked at it quite that way before. Warmer than usual weather was making short work of all the snow left lying carelessly about and shreds of fog were draped across the road at every turn. The trouble with spring, said Mr. Hall, was that it left you no choice. Too rainy to indulge in outdoor sports, and so morose that any indoor introspection became a dangerous invitation to depression; the weather left folks with but one option: costly wanton diversion.

The auto show had been a disappointment this year- a sad showing of trucks, a paltry sprinkling of sport cars and very little in the way of inspired luxury vehicles. No classic cars, no concept cars and worse of all- no Miatas! Mrs. Hall was on the verge of requesting a refund when Mr. H. reminded her that Valentine’s Day was just around the corner and all the city’s restaurants were hers to choose- just name it and the reservations were as good as made. Reviews of the sushi hibachi restaurant TokyoSeoul had been favorable lately, so it was but the work of a minute to secure a table- at 5:00 pm. Isn’t that a bit early, Mrs. H. remarked. Not if we want to make the hockey game, said Mr. H, and he gently reminded her that the Grand Rapids Griffins were up against the Syracuse Crunch Saturday- they had been planning to cheer his home team on. Mrs. H. beamed at Mr. H. a look of pure succulent desire; nothing says loving more than an evening of raw fish and blood on the ice, and she had to admit it; she was one lucky girl.

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