Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jack of (our) Hearts

The Pranitis clan rallied last Saturday night in Chenango Bridge, to shed a tear and raise a shot glass to mourn the loss of one so dear to them all. John E. Pranitis, known far and wide to all and sundry as “Jack”, passed away after fighting a long battle with cancer.
Jack’s regular family was already large by most standards, but his extended and adopted family seemed to include most of the Southern Tier and considerable outlying areas. The funeral home was standing room only. The reception at the American Legion in Endicott was a lively affair as well; but it was the group that gathered in the family home afterwards which really exemplified the spirit of the man.

The laws of physics seemed not to apply there; from the outside, it was just a home like any other in that working class neighborhood- but inside, the rooms stretched and expanded, somehow managing to hold two and three times the amount of humanity that should have reasonably been able to fit. And it was apropos that his home should be like that- for Jack’s heart was much the same; infinitely large and able to encompass and enchant, cajole and inspire all with whom he came in contact.

With heavy hearts and cracking voices, we say, “Good bye Jack; God be with you”; though, for Jack, it had always been so.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a fitting tribute to my Dad. It was great to see the whole family again. I'd have rathered better circumstances, but fun was had, memories were shared, and, in inimitable Pranitis style, we rememebered a wonderful man.

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