Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Double Take

It’s your time to look good- Why not look GREAT?
Why look drab, tired, rundown- when you can look like a million dollars,
That’s why you need: BODY DOUBLE®!
Your family hasn’t seen you in years- why not give them something to cherish and a viewing they’ll never be able to top!

Everyone has a twin- and it’s probably bettering looking and more well-preserved than you! So why not let us do the footwork?
When you make plans for that special day,
Plan ahead and call BODY DOUBLE®
We’ll find your perfect replacement; dress him/her up and make you

Here’s how it works:
When you make your arrangements, send us a picture. We do all the work- we find your double, spruce him/her up, dress and presto! When your big day comes, BODY DOUBLE comes to the rescue! “Doesn’t Uncle Bobby look great? Thank you, BODY DOUBLE®!”
Nothing to say about your loved one? We can help there, too!

BODY DOUBLE® can create a stunning video of memories, starring your very own replacement- for your whole family to enjoy for years to come!
Didn’t plan ahead? Ask about our celebrity look-alikes! We have a full roster of celebrity doubles to choose from: “You always said he looked just like George Clooney- and boy- you were right!”

Double your fun
(Funeral directors: Double your bottomline!)

Give them the funeral to die for!!
Call BODY DOUBLE® now!

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