Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter at the Hall!

Bright sunshine was waiting outside but the warmer temperatures stayed in bed this morning. Unseasonably chilly winds blew the churchgoers down the stairs and into waiting bakeries. The Hall was redolent with the smell of roasted potatoes, ham glaze and hollandaise. Although Mrs. Hall had sworn the children were too old for such nonsense, they still piled down the staircase and combed the house until they found (all too soon!) their waiting baskets. Colleen and Ian had made gumdrop bunnies earlier and had set up a parade around the little egg tree in the dining room, but conflicting schedules had prevented them from coloring eggs until Easter morning. For a while, it appeared it was a race to see who could get more coloring on themselves than on the eggs; but eventually, a full plate of technicolor contestants were ready for the egg cracking contest. Later on, having ingested enough sugar to actively initiate arrhythmia in everyone, Mr. and Mrs. H. and the children then sat down to their Easter dinner, Ian said grace and the feasting began!

A late update: Colleen backed a winner in her neon-pink egg named "The Proof", and came in the champion in the egg cracking this year. While the field was fairly short this year, choosing an egg became quite a challenge in light of the fact that while coloring them, some light hilarity ensued and resulted in the inadvertent early elimination of several of the contestants!

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