Sunday, April 5, 2009

Popping up Hall over

The weather gods were having their own little April fool’s joke on CNY- even as Mr. Hall was revving up the big black car, the snowflakes were starting to gather. Colleen decided to join Mr. and Mrs. H. on their annual excursion to the Tigris Shrine Circus and came down bundled up in sweatshirt and wool coat. When they arrived at the fairgrounds, there were several shuttles running, but half of them were wagons with no sides- useless against the driving rain and sleet. The Halls managed to flag down an old school bus being used, providing brief respite from the 30 mph winds.
Inside however, the atmosphere was sunny and bright. “I see the usual cadre of clowns parading around the big top”, said Mr. H. but Mrs. H. replied she’ll thank him not to refer to the Potentate’s divan in that fashion. No bears or snakes to handle this year unfortunately, but they managed to amuse themselves with some salty nachos and shiny metallic toy space guns. The band played on, the tigers played around and the shills played the audience; all to a very satisfying effect.
The previous weekend had been a jolly one as well; the Marcellus Fire Department hosted their first pancake breakfast of the year and as always, drew an eager crowd. Inside the cozy confines of the MFD Decontamination Bay, burly firemen worked the wheels, flipping french toast and pancakes with considerable aplomb; while Mr. Hall worked the room. Mr. H. knows more people than a head waiter and equal time is usually spent talking and laughing with the locals, as packing in the sausages. Several sticky handshakes later, they were off again- full of starches and bonhomie.

Quick update on Christopher: from a note sent to Mrs. H:
“… wanted to let you know of the interesting excursion we recently went on.… Airman represented themselves in a professional manner while voluntarily unloading Thunderbird Number 8.”

Penguin Hall’s favorite April Fool joke product: USB Pet Rock!

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