Friday, June 12, 2009

English is a funny language

The staff at the Monitor received a missive recently commenting on the use of puns within the story titles. Suffering, as editors often do, from post-grammatic stress disorder, they felt perhaps some explanation was due.
The Penguin Hall Monitor strives always to set the higher standard, no matter how compelling or seductive the lure of punnery may appear. While this editor readily confesses to a perchant for cunning titles, the staff admits there are a few killjoys out there ( e.g. Messrs. Strunk and White) who would prefer that written expression, to be taken even remotely seriously, should follow a standard format and shy away from frivolity. Such lighthearted examples of out of place silliness can be seen here; likewise, The New Journalism Review makes just such a case for outlawing puns in the workplace beautifully here.
The Gentle Reader can rest assured that the editorial staff of the PHM remains steadfast in its desire to inform and enlighten. However, should the errant pun or wordplay somehow manage to creep into the copy or headline, they respectfully request that the Reader overlook the transgression long enough to enter into the spirit of things; after all, this little edition is meant to be entertaining and if written bluntly, would be pointless.

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