Monday, June 22, 2009

S'Marvellous S'Marcellus

If the appellation sounds a little tipsy, it's only apropos, for nothing puts more of a shine on the old homestead than being viewed under the influence of a little liquid lubrication. The townspeople seem to be of one mind in this regard; witness the local coffee shop. In the course of approximately three years, it has changed hands at least four times, possibly more; floundering and failing to somehow gain a toehold in the community. However, the drinking establishments have actually thrived; one in fact, enjoying extensive renovations both inside and out. This is no surprize to the locals. The elder residents have always wisely known: one need only spend a few seasons in Marcellus to appreciate the value of decent intoxicants.
Unfortunately, no amount of shine was visible last Sunday- that was Father's Day and the traditional day of the Great Fly In Breakfast at Marcellus International Airport. The unseasonably chilly weather this year had brought some hazey mornings lately to the valley, but Sunday might as well have been called the Great Fog In Breakfast. Weather issues notwithstanding, bright and early, the big black car rolled into the field and parked in the grass- Mr. H. surpressing a shudder as he slid on the turf. At first, it appeared the workers were going to outnumber the guests, but as the fog evaporated, the crowds emerged, and soon, the grills and skillets were buzzing with activity. "I see the mayflies are late this year", said Mrs. Hall, as they waited under the ancient timbers of Hanger #2, "I hope those are blueberries in the pancakes." Master Ian had joined them for the breakfast that morning and asked Mr. H. if he would have taken off in this stew; "Sure, take off- no problem!" he answered. "I just wouldn't land in it." he replied. That must have been the prevailing pilot philosophy, for the only planes to be seen were the ones in disrepair by the other hangers. "Too foggy for anything" muttered Ian, but Mrs. Hall chimed up, "Nonsense- I thought I saw the tail of a 747 just over there!" Despite her claims to have caught a photo, none at the community table could be persuaded of the fact.

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