Monday, June 29, 2009

Lake Effect

The lazy days of summer are well upon the happy inhabitants of Penguin Hall, and most of those have been spent enjoying a delightfully pleasant June.
These days, when unemployment looms largely on the horizon and the NY State Senate may require the services not of a governor, but of a "Super Nanny", it is heartening to see that some things remain free. Marcellus celebrated their famous "Olde Home Days" with a traditional old home parade earlier this month, and the local residents turned out in droves to cheer on their favorite sports group, church or fire department. In a decidedly different change of pace, the first week in June did not appear to invoke the wrath of the weather gods. Temperatures stayed in the moderate range and the parade went off with nary a drop of rain nor gale force winds. All the usual suspects were present: all emergency departments in a ten mile radius were invited, Shriners of every shape and vehicle, and it was rumored that they were actually busing the children in from neighboring communities- there were so many present along the parade route this year. Mrs. Hall was delighted at the inclusion of her favorite Miata club again and it seemed to her there were a few fresh faces (grilles?) this year. She managed to help wrap up the rummage sale just in time to scurry to the curb and join Mr. H. while filming the parade for posterity. (The Eastern Star Ladies cleared a tidy $235.00 from the sale this year; not bad given donations were unusually low and they faced stiff competition from an annual rival, St. Francis Church, at the other end of town. Ever since they icily announced that they were the true owners of the label "Trash and Treasure Sale" in Marcellus and would we kindly change the name of our event so as not to confuse the public, a certain coolness has sprung up between the groups, and a fervent rivalry drives their prices down- and Marcellians' profit up.) Adding to the fun, because of heavy rains the previous week, there was enough water in the creek to support the Annual Duck Race (past year's events here) without the necessary addition of volunteers to kick the ducks down a dry creek bed. All in all, a very satisfying weekend.

A cursory examination of the community calendar reveals the local's love of the summertime obscure: examples of some of these include: Osceola's Free Olde Tyme Fiddler's Contest, Baldwinsville's Kids Fishing Derby/ Blessing of the Fleet Day, Jamesville's Civil War Re-enactment and Mrs. Hall's favorite, Old Forge's Frog Jumping/ Ugly Tie Contest Day. Almost overlooked in all this excitement is the country club's Sunday afternoon barbeques. The Halls were present and accounted for last week, enjoying the stately and long neglected sport of doing little or nothing at all, as slowly as possible.

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