Saturday, August 15, 2009

(H)all that glitters...

The Halls arrived at work a little sleepy Friday morning; they had been the happy recipients of some free tickets to the Syracuse Chiefs game at Alliance Stadium the night before and were recovering from a late and boisterous evening. The Chiefs had come back from behind against rivals the Toledo Mudhens, and the game had gone down to the wire. Happily, the good guys prevailed, for, as Mr. Hall says, there are no sweeter words to hear than "We Win!!" As a Cub fan, Mrs. Hall can honestly attest she hears that less frequently than she would like.
So it was a pleasant surprize when Fr. Branko strolled into the office of the funeral home, beaming brightly. "The vestments have arrived!" he pronounced, and he produced a garment bag. Wysocki's had helped sponsor the good pastor's mission to procure a special holy day vestment and Father Branko was eager to show how far those funds had gone. Sparkling in the soft light of Mr. Hall's office, the fine embroidery and gold braid set off a magnificent chasuble, alb and stole. "We thank you very much and now, these are for you," and out came a lovely gilded icon and two bottles of Macedonian wine. "I know just the place for this," said Mr. H. and he hung it directly opposite his desk. "And I know just the place for these," added Mrs. H.- "Right next to a nice roasted leg of lamb!"

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